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JANUS - The hidden face of Québec’s Youth protection system

JANUS - The hidden face of Québec’s Youth protection system

Bernard Favreau

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This book is not a pamphlet nor is it an indictment, it is the result of observations. It expresses indignation and a call for change which the author, using open and honest words, shares with his readers. For the youth protection system is dear to him and with love and empathy, this grandfather wishes it to be effective and humane. To this end, he makes suggestions that are the fruit of serious thought and personal experience, proposing a restructuration that would enable the overhaul of a system suffering from its bureaucracy.
Bachelor of Arts, Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Theology and Community Intervention specialist are the main academic backgrounds that prepared Bernard Favreau to lead several applied research projects, teach the sociology of family at the Université de Montréal, the sociology of delinquency at the Université de Sherbrooke and work as a manager and consultant in a youth centre. He has also been very involved in community services, notably creating senior citizen clubs, volunteer centres, three LTRCC, a vacation centre for youth with disabilities and several other organisations.
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